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4 Layer Bga Immerison Gold Fr4 Pcb , 1.6mm Tg170 Printed Circuit Board Pcb

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Good quality Multilayer PCB
Good quality Multilayer PCB
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Thanks for your suggestion, Rogers+fr4 mixed-press greatly reduced our costs. Looking forward to our long-term cooperation.

—— Marco Pinheiro

Professional engineer team and production line. Besides that ,fast delivery and high quality are always the best for our sales program.

—— Martinez Alberto

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Rogers PCB

  • High Precision Rogers PCB suppliers

Introduction:Rogers high frequency pcb widely used in the area of high technologies like communication device,Electronics,Aerospace,Military industry and so on. we have accumulated abandunt experiences in the line of high frequency microwave business for which widely apply to power divider,combiner,power amplifier,line amplifier,base station,RF antena,4G antena etc.


Sufficient stock:

We have sufficient rogers material raw as follow:RO4003C、RO4350B、RO4360、RO4533、RO4535、RO4730、RO4232、RO4233、RO3003、RO3006、RO3010、RO3035、RO3203、RO3206、RO3210、RO3730、RO5780、RO5880、RO6002、RO3202、RO6006,Frequently-used is 4003C,4350B,5880

So we can do pcb circuit board with your detail requirements in the case of you send us gerber files or any other files

Rogers PCB Sample Introduction

4 Layer Bga Immerison Gold Fr4 Pcb , 1.6mm Tg170 Printed Circuit Board Pcb

China 4 Layer Bga Immerison Gold Fr4 Pcb , 1.6mm Tg170 Printed Circuit Board Pcb Supplier

Large Image :  4 Layer Bga Immerison Gold Fr4 Pcb , 1.6mm Tg170 Printed Circuit Board Pcb

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XCE
Certification: CE,ROHS, FCC,ISO9008,SGS,UL
Model Number: XCEM

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: inner: vacuum-packed bubble bag outer: carton box
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T,Western union
Supply Ability: 1, 000, 000 PCS / week
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Detailed Product Description
Material: FR4 Layer: 4
Color: Green Min Line Space: 4mil
Min Line Width: 4mil Copper Thickness: 1OZ
Board Size: 179*89mm Panel: 1
Surface: ENIG
High Light:

fr4 circuit board


Custom Printed Circuit Board



4 Layer Bga Immerison Gold Fr4 Pcb , 1.6mm Tg170 Printed Circuit Board Pcb



layer: multilayer
material: fr4
Tg value: tg135-tg180
board thickness:1.6mm
copper thickness:.1.5oz
surface treatment:ENIG


Quick detail:

Origin:China Special: FR4 Material
Layer:4 Thickness:1.6mm
Surface: ENIG Hole:0.5




Electronic Scale PCB With 0.8mm Thickness 94V0 Electronic Board Green Soldermask White Silkscreen,

FR - 4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, based on epoxy resin as binder, with electronic level glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material of substrate. Its bonding sheet and thin copper-clad r.p. panel and inner core is an important base material in production of multilayer printed circuit board,This kind of product is mainly used for double-sided PCB, dosage is very large. Epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, the most widely used model for FR - 4, in recent years because of the electronic product installation technology and PCB technology development needs, appeared high Tg FR - 4 products.


Immersion Gold and the difference between gold-plated plate 1, immersion gold and gold-plated crystal structure is not the same as the thickness of gold for gold than gold-plated lot of gold will be gold-plated gold is more yellow, more satisfied customers. 2, immersion gold and gold-plated crystal structure is not the same, Shen Jin is easier than gold-plated welding, will not cause poor welding, causing customer complaints. Immersion gold plate of the stress more easily controlled, there is a bonding of products, more conducive to the processing of bonding. But also because of the gold than the gold-plated soft, so Shen Jin-board do not wear gold finger. 3, immersion gold plate only nickel gold pads, skin effect of the signal transmission is in the copper layer will not affect the signal. 4, immersion gold than gold-plated crystal structure is more compact, not easy to produce oxidation. 5, with the wiring more and more dense, line width, spacing has come to 3-4MIL. Gold is easy to produce gold short-circuit. Immersion gold plate only nickel gold on the pad, it will not produce gold short-circuit. 6, immersion gold plate only nickel gold on the pad, so the resistance of the line with the combination of copper layer is more solid. Engineering will not compensate for the spacing of the impact. 7, generally used for the relatively high requirements of the board, flatness is better, generally use immersion gold, immersion gold generally do not appear after the assembly of the black pad phenomenon. Immersion gold plate flatness and standby life as good as gold-plated plate




o Item Data
1 Layer: 1 to 24 layers
2 Material type: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, Rogers
3 Board thickness: 0.20mm to 3.4mm
4 Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ to 4 OZ
5 Copper thickness in hole: >25.0 um (>1mil)
6 Max. Board Size:  (580mm×1200mm)
7 Min. Drilled Hole Size: 4mil(0.1mm)
8 Min. Line Width: 3mil (0.075mm)
9 Min. Line Spacing: 3mil (0.075mm)
10 Surface finishing: HASL / HASL lead free, HAL, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion Silver/Gold, OSP, Gold plating
11 Solder Mask Color: Green/Yellow/Black/White/Red/Blue
12 Shape tolerance:  ±0.13
13 Hole tolerance:  PTH: ±0.076 NPTH: ±0.05
14 Package: Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag,Outer packing: Standard carton packing
15 Certificate: UL,SGS,ISO 9001:2008
16 Special requirements: Buried and blind vias+controlled impedance +BGA
17 Profiling: Punching, Routing, V-CUT, Beveling


In a circuit with resistance, inductance, and capacitance, the impediment to AC is called impedance. Impedance commonly used Z said. Impedance by the resistance, inductance and capacitive reactance composed of three, but not a simple sum of the three. The unit of impedance is Europe. In DC, the object of the role of resistance to the current called the resistance, the world has all the resistance of the material, but the difference between the size of the resistance value only. Very small resistance material known as a good conductor, such as metal; great resistance material called insulator, such as wood and plastic. There is also a kind of conductor between the two is called the semiconductor, while the superconductor is a resistance value is close to zero material. But in the field of alternating current in addition to the resistance will hinder the current, the capacitance and inductance will hinder the flow of current, this effect is called reactance, meaning that the role of resistance to current. Capacitance and inductance of the reactance are called capacitive and inductive reactance, referred to as capacitive reactance and inductive reactance. Their units of measurement and resistance is ohm, and its value is the size and the frequency of AC has a relationship, the higher the frequency of the capacity of anti-smaller anti-larger, the lower the frequency capacity of the larger anti-anti-smaller anti-sense. In addition, the capacitive and inductive reactance has the problem of phase angle, with the vector on the relationship, it will say: impedance is the resistance and reactance in the vector and. For a specific circuit, the impedance is not constant, but with the frequency changes. In the resistance, inductance and capacitance series circuit, the impedance of the circuit is generally greater than the resistance. That is, the impedance is reduced to a minimum. In an inductive and capacitive parallel circuit, the impedance increases to a maximum when resonating, as opposed to a series circuit.


UL 94: Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances
Level test program are as follows:
1) HB Grade: horizontal burning test Horizontal Burning Test
2) V0-V2 level: vertical flame test Vertical Burning Test
3) 5VA / 5VB: 5V-fire test 500w (125 mm) Vertical Burning Test
4) RP Class: radiant panel flame spread testing Radiant Panel Flame Spread Test
5) VTM0-VTM2: thin material vertical combustion test Thin Material Vertical Burning Test
6) HF1-HF2: foam level material combustion test Horizontal Burning Foamed Material Test



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