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PCB profit era, accelerating PCB chemicals high end "import substitution

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PCB profit era, accelerating PCB chemicals high end "import substitution

1.PCB: "the mother of electronic products," the market is expected to recover.


Printed circuit board (referred PCB) due to its versatility is called "the mother of electronic products." Since the mid-1950s onwards has been widely adopted, after decades of continuous development, PCB has become a major global industry.


According to Prismark statistics, in 2015 the global PCB industry output value of 55.3 billion US dollars. In 2015 by the world's major electronics industries such as personal computers, smart phones slowdown, inventory adjustments and other factors, the global PCB industry output fell 3.7%. Looking ahead, Prismark expected 2016--2020 global PCB industry will return to growth, CAGR is expected to be around 2.3%.


Global PCB industry by the cost and impact of the transfer of downstream industries continue to shift to China, since 2006, China surpassed Japan to become the world's largest PCB producer, in 2015 China accounted for 47% of global PCB output value is expected this trend will continue in the future , but basically completed the transfer of industries, growth is expected to slow down.


2.PCB chemicals: PCB production necessities, the high end of "import substitution" is vast.


PCB production process involves hundreds of chemicals, chemicals used in the PCB manufacturing process accounts for about 10% -20% PCB costs, although the proportion of the cost is not high, but the PCB chemicals on PCB production yields enormous.


Nearly two decades of rapid development of the domestic PCB industry, chemicals for the PCB to provide a broad market demand, in 2013 the domestic PCB annual production value of about 1,569 billion yuan, PCB chemicals of about 150 billion yuan, the main products division, which dry light photoresist of about 40 billion, PCB ink (including solder resist ink, ink lines, ink characters) of about 3 billion yuan, PCB wet process chemicals from about 50 to 55 billion yuan.


3. domestic business force, gradually breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end market.


Because of PCB chemicals industry started late, poor technology accumulation, China PCB chemicals business mainly in the field of low-end products, such as dry and partly wet process chemicals still the monopoly of foreign companies, but with the development of domestic enterprises and enhance the overall strength, is gradually breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end market. PCB ink in the field of domestic enterprises have occupied about 50% market share, foreign companies accounted for dry areas of more than 98% market share, but there are domestic enterprises to achieve technological breakthroughs.

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